Face à Face ZENIT 1 0017

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Artikelnummer: 61907


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Illuminated by the colour-light of the midday sun, the ZENIT range is a true statement of individuality. Expressive and colourful minimalism emerges from this elegant feminine design: colour covers the thin frame and thick edge of the upper arch and seems to appear and disappear when in movement. Poetry and metamorphosis in ascendance! A small hexagon with a central pin and a sharp hexagon reveal all their aesthetic power with the use of colour: matte midnight blue cut by a gold jewellery arch absorbs the play of light – echoing the compelling appeal of the small square hinge set against the softness of a nude arm. Matte aubergine enlivened by matte coral neon is enriched by a bluish aubergine tortoiseshell on the arm. The sun at its zenith!


Vorm: hoekig
Materiaal: combinatie
Kleuren: groen, roze

  • 49/19
Soort glazen: glazen op sterkte

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